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Forget Everything You've Heard™...

Here's my canary in the coal mine. Let's see if my life is safe enough to have friends:

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Why I wrote that ridiculous parody "Zuckaburgla" song:

One of my old friends once told me, "to get respect, you have to give respect." I'll take that a step further by saying again, "come correct, or don't come at all." This is what these Californians and New Yorkers never understand. You don't know any of us nearly well enough for us to allow you to get away with talking all that trash. Don't expect us to know who tf you are. Just keep flying over...

No singles, until people start paying for them. By the way, how do you even know who I am, if you've never bought my music before? Certainly, it wasn't the one or two views on social media: Download or stream below:

This Zangief really wanted to humble me. Download or stream below:

How to make a song with good enough quality to submit to Indie Jam Land™. This video was obviously not filtered!

Hit the Contact tab for submission. If you just email, leave your phone number, so I can talk to you first and make sure you're not a weirdo.

J Peerless 111's™ four limited edition collectible CDs will be for sale again March 13th around 4 pm near the South Congress Hotel in limited supply at SXSW in Austin, TX, as well as this spring break on South Texas beaches (2 for $20), along with some slutty t-shirts. They will be for sale here and on once I release the new browser with custom certificates...

Click here for a few samples.

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Or, click here for J Peerless 111 previews...

Buy my CDs this year, and I'll make all kinds of new stuff...

Thank you...

I have been getting approached constantly for years. Please send this to anyone planning on approaching me at any time. Stream below to preview:

How the Middle East destroyed not just the music business but North America:

I wonder how many cities they destroyed over the years...

If you are a professional musician, do not approach me without an enormous check in your hand. This website is for independent artists.

I wasn't trying to step on any toes about the whole gay mafia thing, but hear me out -- there actually is one:

A few month later, the clone wars started:

A social gathering -- imagine that... Just keep it offline, please...

Pay me, or I keep doing what I'm doing.

Who said I lost weight recently? This was almost two years ago... I take care of myself...

@jpeerless111 I want some #answers from these #politicians ♬ original sound - Three-Armed Bandit

What every woman needs to know -- a one pager

If you're a fan, don't fall for these racketeering schemes. People owe me a lot of money, and they will try to get you to fix some nonexistent problem, while they screw my life up. Look up the definition of racketeering if you don't believe me. I forgive you, but please stop! This happens to so many musicians. Educate yourself... If you want to get to know me, then give me a call ffs!

I'm exercising my healthy obsession with getting rid of stalker weirdos.

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And... If you're not sugar and spice and everything nice, gtfo of my life...

The entertainment industry is not very entertaining nowadays whatsoever... Watch below:

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"He who is the cause of someone else's becoming powerful is the agent of his own destruction; for he makes his protegé powerful either through his own skill or through his own strength, and either of these must provoke his protegé's mistrust once he has become powerful." -- Niccoló Machiavelli

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